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MOOKS: n Refers to generic goons in Television and role-playing games. Mooks are usually
faceless henchmen who show up only to be easily dispatched by the main characters.

Welcome To Mooks

This part of The Mooks Portal is designed to be used to house Shadowrun characters. At the moment, specially for 4th Edition Shadowrun but earlier versions may be supported at a later date (see the Forums to keep up on the status.) Ultimately though this is an archive of Shadowrun characters.

You will be able to create and manage your characters in the database. In addition, you'll be able to use other characters (designated as available) in your games. For instance, say you need a quick Shadowrun Team as a foil for your group. Especially on the fly. You'll be able to snag an available character and bring them into your scenario. When you're done, update the character information with a paragraph or two detailing their participation in the scenario and move on.

And while you're doing that, others will be able to do the same for your character(s). In a bit, you'll be able to pull up your character and it will have a nice little back story with several little mini adventures you'll be able to use to enhance your own play.

I intend on having a rating system in place for characters so folks can rate them for how useful they were in their game.

Creating an Account

In order to manage characters and users on the site, I have a login system set up. It's still a little rough as I get the bits in place and working well together. You won't be blocked from accessing everything but it will be in use once the first module is in production.

Disabled for now. The old code was horribly out of date with current tech. I'm rewriting it to be more current.


I'll be using the Developer's Forum to keep folks up to date as to where I am. I have a mock-up character display.

Character Sheet

This will likely be the script I'll use to manage characters. I've gone through several attempts to create a sheet. It's worked pretty well so far for on the fly work. Now that I've created a few, I'm ready to take the next step. I've created what I think is the final sheet and am creating databases that will hold data. As I get modules created, I'll test it and then add it to the main sheet.

I plan on working on the main Character databases first; Attributes, Skills, Qualities, and other modules that are personal (vs gear you buy, use up, lose, and destroy).

Current Tools

When I got back into table-top role playing, I started with Shadowrun. In order to help me get my head around the rules, I used the cheat sheets available as Pavao's Cheat Sheets. As I used them, I made notes and corrections so they would be more effective.

Way back around 1980 I started in on my first computer program. A Game Manager for my D&D game called The Computerized Dungeon Master (TCDM). I used it, expanded it, and converted it to several systems and computer languages before stopping.

Since I'm a computer geek as well as a professional Unix Systems Administrator, naturally I saw how the cheat sheets could be programmed in to make combat and other complicated tests simple so the game wouldn't lag. I started it with a Javascript and PHP script with text files.

Cheat Sheets

Later while doing some character testing due to the new Karma Generation system in Shadowrun, I whipped up a quick and dirty character comparision script again using Javascript and PHP. The script is more like a script in the approach vs a real programming project so it's very large and bulky. Certainly unnecessarily so with even a little more experience under my belt.

Quick and Dirty CharGen

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